Litigation Case Studies

Our litigation practice includes: civil litigation, complex litigation, e-discovery, Federal civil litigation, trial practice, appellate practice, mediation and arbitration.  Examples of some of our litigation successes follow.

Litigation Case Studies 

At Greenwich Blackhawk, our significant complex litigation, business, finance, risk management and government background and experience give us an uncommon edge in business litigation. Our ability to speak the language of business and our first-hand experience with the functions of the business enterprise - finance, accounting, operations, marketing, human resources - greatly increases our effectiveness in taking depositions of business people.

  • Case study. In a product/design defect action, our accounting and finance background provided an edge in deposing the senior managers of an international chemical company. That helped pressure the company to contribute a higher settlement amount, allowing our client to pay a lower settlement amount, in the case.

  • Case study. We obtained dismissal of the client from a soil subsidence lawsuit alleging negligence and design defect with respect to a retaining wall our client had maintained and modified. The dismissal came on the strength of deposition testimony that we were able to elicit in the case due to our understanding of the business relationship between the primary defendant (the property owner) and the client.

Our strong business and government background also increases the efficacy of our written discovery. We have first-hand experience with many of the documents, methodologies and procedures used in business and government. We therefore know what to ask for in written discovery, and what the opposing party might be withholding from us. We are able to review the business and government documents produced by opposing counsel with greater speed, understanding and efficacy, because of our familiarity with many business sectors and with business and government operations generally.

  • Case study. Our government background greatly facilitated our obtaining and analyzing City of Burbank documents that contributed to the settlement of our client’s inverse condemnation lawsuit in the client's favor for $1.5 million.

Our review and analysis of financial and accounting documents have yielded favorable results, because of our background in those areas.

  • Case study. During our defense of the former managing editor of a major metropolitan newspaper in an employment law arbitration brought by the newspaper’s owner, our accounting and finance background was indispensible to our pursuit of a strategy that resulted in the owner dropping her demand for reduced enterprise value damages, a major concession by our opponent.

In settlement negotiationsand in communications with opposing counsel, our ability to convey deep understanding of the opposing party’s business often contributes to the perceived strength of our client’s case. In motion briefs and oral argument, our years of experience in finance, business and government allow us to state facts and legal arguments on our clients’ behalf using the concepts and terms of those fields in a manner that is comprehensible and compelling to the judge or jury. Our mediation, arbitration and trial briefs benefit from similar advantage.

  • Case study. Our finance and operations background informed our preparation of a motion for summary judgment that succeeded in obtaining the dismissal of our client – the former CFO of a manufacturing company – from a fraud/breach of contract action brought by the purchasers of that company, a rare outcome.
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